If a blogger falls down in a forest of bloggers, does she have a voice?

I haven’t been producing many quality posts lately, and I have no real reasons except that life has seemed a little busy.  And when life is busy, my brain goes a tiny bit frenzied and most of the stuff I have to say is barely comprehensible, much less inspirational.

Oh, I did start taking a Zumba class at my gym.  It’s an exercise class that’s kind of a cross between latin dancing (which I love, mostly because I really like latin music) and jazzercise (or whatever those dancy-type cardio workout classes are called).  Anyway, it’s kind of fun even though it makes muscles that I’ve never even met before cry out in pain for several days at a time.  And it’s also fun if you don’t consider the fact that I look like the biggest, most ridiculous, uncoordinated fool this side of the Tex-Mex border.  So really I’m not sure why I go back, but I do, and I even brown-nose the instructor and offer to burn her some CDs of latin music so I can relive my glory days of grad school when I owned more latin music CDs than most of the Costa Rican inhabitants combined, and then when I try to make said CDs I mourn the loss of the pile of music I carelessly sold in a garage sale 7 years ago because I started having children and thought I probably wouldn’t be teaching for a long time and what was I going to do with them?, all because I didn’t want to be on a Hoarders show on television for clinging to useless items from my past (see DeNae for an example of this), and YET … are you still there?  I’m working on the LONGEST run-on sentence in blog history … the sale of which ironically made me MORE of a hoarder because I’ve regretted it ever since.

{Deep breath.}  See?  Barely comprehensible.  I warned you.

And that is why I wanted to share with you some posts that I’ve come across in the last month or so where people had truly intelligent and inspirational things to say.  This kind of goes along with that whole cook a fish vs. teach people to fish thing, which actually doesn’t make any sense at all the way I just said it.  My point is that since I can’t give you anything worth reading, I’ll send you elsewhere.

  • First of all, I wrote a letter to Nick Jr. about their website because I read this post by Liz about how they have links from Nickjr.com to totally inappropriate games.  I checked it out myself and sure enough, easy access for preschoolers to violent, sexual, and crass video games.  Jerks.  So I wrote them a letter through the site she linked to and also through their “Contact Us” part of the Nick Jr. site.  I hope you will too, if you feel so inclined.
  • I really liked this post at Becoming LDS about keeping a family afloat above the sea of temptations and turmoil about us.  She made some great points that made me think about what I’m doing and what more I can do to keep my family spiritually safe.
  • Helen is a lovely down-to-earth woman living Down Under.  She wrote a really great summary of a mom’s job description.  I love how she summarized the main points from the proclamation on the family and other counsel.
  • Charette, who always writes beautifully, posted about how her ideas of motherhood have changed since her childhood days of playing with dolls.  In “Beyond Baby Tenderlove,” she captures so well how being a mom is so much more complex than what we expected, and yet, more wonderful.
  • Lara wrote a post in response to an article her mom sent her about people who hate mommy bloggers.  She defends “Why It’s Hard” to be a mom and I liked her description.  (Plus I wrote practically a whole post in her comment thread.)
  • Kind of along the same lines,  Shoebox Princess, a wise mother who has arrived at the kids actually graduating from high school stage of life, wrote this post giving young moms permission to lighten up a little bit.  She says it well.
  • And, finally, my friend Becca wrote a 100-goals-to-accomplish-in-life list when she was younger. One of her goals was to learn beekeeping, so she did this year.  Yah, really.  Anyway, I loved how her post “All Hail the Queen” made a poignant comparison between bees and a mother’s role.  Check it out.  She’s delightful.

You probably noticed that these posts are very MOTHER-heavy.  Well, you may have also noticed that the tagline of my blog is: Finding Faith in Motherhood. It’s something I deeply believe in but have to be reminded of often.  I’m drawn to these posts that resonate with me about how important, how powerful, how hard, how rewarding, and how blessed is the role of  a mother.  If you drop by and browse any of the links I posted, leave these ladies a little comment love.  They deserve it.

And if you don’t, I might have to post videos of me in Zumba class.

It. would. not. be. pretty.

p.s.  I just want to throw a virtual hug to all of you that:  have just had babies, even lost babies, had family in and out of the hospital, are going to the CBC, are fighting migraines, are praying for jobs, are preparing for your first triathlon, are the only not surgically-enhanced mother at your neighborhood pool, read this blog whether you comment or not, struggle with weight, are battling your insurance company, cleaned your house today!, are trying to figure out how to pay for house repairs, are moving, or are just going through the daily motions and wondering if anyone notices you.  I read your blogs and wish I could sit down and chat and let you know how normal you are (and how GOOD you are), but time and distance sometimes don’t allow for the kind of acknowledgment you deserve.  Wish I could offer more than a lame p.s. at the bottom of my post.  🙂


26 thoughts on “If a blogger falls down in a forest of bloggers, does she have a voice?

  1. good post. i like when you brain is on overload, it’s like reading through one of my own thought processes.

    p.s. more power to you with zumba- i did that class at my gym with my friend twice. after the second time we both agreed we just felt too much like idiots and quit. but i admit, i don’t have the inner latina you do so i’ll blame it on that.

  2. even though i know that ps had nothing remotely to do with me, because why would you read my blog?, i just wanted to say thanks. because, honestly, a couple of those things applied to me and it felt nice to be recognized.

    even though it wasn’t really about me.


    and also thanks for the book post ages ago. i’m still working on my own list, and i’d love to hear how you’re doing on yours. i just finished the chosen. it’s fabulous. make sure you actually read it.

    carry on. zumba’s awesome, but body combat is even better. 🙂

  3. I am honored to be linked with all those thoughtful and wise bloggers. Too bad I write about things like hoarding empty pizza boxes and chin waxing. I bet I could be thoughtful and wise, if I took a class or a pill or something.

    And I really want to do Zumba, but I don’t want to be responsible for everyone else’s hernias when they laugh their way into the emergency room after watching me try to salsa.

  4. I’m thinking I may need to check out the Zumba classes, I’ve only heard good things. Well, mostly people talking about how they are sore, but lots and lots of people saying it and still going back = good, right? I always love the posts you link to. I’ll have to check them out, right after I clean up the house for an impending visit from my mom while dealing with a stomach flu hit three year old…

  5. I am gonna check out every link (even mine because I forgot what I wrote!). And I don’t know about the “wise” label; it’s more like “tired.”

    I’d only go to Zumba (or any group exercise class) if the room had no mirrors and everyone in the class was invisible, including me. And the teacher. But it does sound like fun. I like dance-y exercise.

    • It’s new around these here parts and the gym only offers one or two classes in the whole metro area, so I was excited when I read what it was about and wanted to try it out. (translation: I didn’t know it was a bandwagon, and like you, I’ve never even tried to read Twilight for much the same reasons.)

  6. Hey Steph, that so-called “lame” PS at the end of your post just made my day…….. thank you…. I fall into too many of those categories right now….. and I get a little down…. but when I read the “are the only not surgically-enhanced mother at your neighborhood pool” I laughed so loud I scared both my children and our cat!! ha ha ha ha …. I love you, you are so funny and that is so funny….

  7. What a great post. It’s so nice to know other moms go through bloggy blah-ness. And thanks also for that PS – it made my day too!

  8. I agree with Lacy, that lame PS at the end is something I really really needed. I have been so down on myself lately and that gave me some perspective. You’re awesome.

    And yes, your bloggy voice is always heard.

  9. These are some great posts. Thanks for sharing. I paid it foward and passed some on to friends I thought would enjoy them.

    Hugs right back at ya!

  10. Thanks for your lovely comment you left on my blog! I’m feeling much better now, just a little sleep deprived (which is totally my fault!)

    I would love to join you at zumba (in the back row please…I hate being up the front…I made a totally dorkus of myself when I couldn’t keep up with the movies of the step class! woah mama it was fast and furious!)
    I love latin music and latin dancing!

  11. sorry i’ve been absent. i need to read blogs like yours more often, but let’s face it, most days lately i’m struggling to get the scriptures read:) still trying to figure out my life and schedule since we added the fifth baby nearly a year ago. sigh. so glad we had her, but so shocked at how long it has taken me to find my life again since.

    anyway, i’m pretty sure i’m the last person on the planet to not try zumba, mostly because i am terribly uncoordinated and take far too long to learn any sequence of dance steps, but i love kristina’s comment. i haven’t read twilight either, mostly because everyone gushes about the series ad nauseum, so i have just officially decided to never try zumba:)

    anyway, keep doing what you are doing. i love the way that you lift mothers and invite us to rejoice in our role.

  12. I took Zumba when it first arrived at our gym. I had heard about how fantastically fun it was so I wanted to have fun exercising too. Unfortunately, it was the first time my instructor had ever taught the class so it wasn’t that great. I felt like too much emphasis was put on the steps and not enough on actual exercise. I didn’t feel like I got much of a workout at all. Maybe I need to try it again now that she’s taught for a while. Of course, now i won’t be able to keep up and I’ll just feel dumb…

  13. Well, three days later I drop by to find a little blog love. That is my first ever blogger award and it made my heart feel good. Thanks. I also quite like your P.S. Not so lame, not so lame at all. I think everyone has felt acknowledged and loved. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will indeed keep stopping by yours.

  14. Here’s a virtual hug right back atcha! There were several point of your P.S. that I could claim… love reading your blog, by the way.

    Way to go picking up zumba. It look like a lot of fun. They have had a few workouts of it on FitTV that I’ve DVR’d in the hopes of trying it sometime.

    I’m not fond of NickJr because of previous meltdown of values, now I have even more reason to be frustrated with them. Off to write to them and read the other wonderful posts you mentioned.

    ‘Preshate ya and all ya do!

  15. Love reading your blog and I’m sorry you are feeling on overload.

    Hope you are at least having fun while life is so busy.

    Virtual hug to you 🙂

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