I laughed until I cried. What does this say about me?

Make sure you watch this with your husband so he knows you’re normal.Β  I shared this video with Jessica at Duck Duck Cow and I’m stealing her idea. If you think you’ve got a video that will make me laugh-cry, leave a link in the comments. I promise I’ll watch every one and comment on it. Can’t wait to see some of your favorites.


46 thoughts on “I laughed until I cried. What does this say about me?

  1. And I’ve been laughing at this one for the last 9 years — someone e-mailed it to me then and I’ve recently rediscovered it on YouTube. It doesn’t even have sound, but I remember watching it over and over again:

  2. OH MY STINKIN’ HECK!!!!!!!! That was so hilarious. I’m seriously going to email the link to that video to everyone I know that is a wife/mother!!!

  3. That is funny. When I watched it, it reminded me a tiny bit of part of this one I saw a couple of days ago. I am sure this one is funnier to those of us who know “Love Story” by heart because our pre-teens won’t stop singing it, but I think you’ll like it. (I don’t think I am as smart as Inkmom and will be able to embed it in the comment, but here is the link.(I think.))

  4. First, Steph, that video was awesome. SO TRUE. Except I’m the one who gives the kids water. But the breath part? CRACK ME UP!!!

    And Queen, that video made me laugh and cry. It’s just perfect. I might half to post it myself.

  5. Love them all. Wow. The Real Love Story is a gem, and should be shown at the next Young Women’s Broadcast. I’m going to show it to my teenage daughters as soon as they get home from school!

  6. Loved your video Stephanie. I have so been there!

    I’m also loving your idea to share funny clips. I seriously needed the laughs today!

  7. Oh no! The embed code on the first one must have been wrong, because that isn’t the commercial I was trying to embed. Can you just delete the comment and I’ll try again tomorrow?

  8. I don’t think this one is cry-worthy but we just love the guy’s movements. Especially if you watch it a couple of times. Great message, too. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m so glad I worked from home today so that I could watch all of the clips. They were all so funny. My husband is the guilty one for giving water before bed. He says that if they say they are thirsty then we need to give them a drink. I wish he was the one that changed the sheets in the middle of the night. πŸ™‚

  10. I loved a few of these videos. Today was a day where I felt like pulling my hair out. Thanks for giving me a few smiles. πŸ™‚ Hope family life is well my friend.

  11. Okay,so I watched this while my three-year-old (who didn’t nap) was on my lap. I laughed my head off. He didn’t find it funny.

    Oh, and I got about four hours last night. Total.

  12. Thanks for the distraction after a day of weeding! Fun, cute videos. Especially because just this week i was up in the middle of the night with my 3 year old who had peed the bed. I must admit I was the one who gave her water right before bed, but Eric was the one who didn’t put a pull-up on her for bed. So it was joint responsibility! It was good to see you a few weeks ago!

  13. I loved the video in your post. I laughed until I cried.

    And now because of the comments I am a fan of anita renfroe. By the way, I showed Love Story to my 10 year old daughter and she was not impressed. The very idea of spoofing Taylor Swift!

  14. I was really hoping I’d get to be the first to share this one with you, and I got my wish! This is a guy hoaxing morning news shows; he goes on their show claiming to be a yo-you master.

      • Totally an act. I think his deadpan delivery is brilliant (I love the line about “I don’t have the muscle memory” and I love that the poor hosts are trying so hard to make it work and are so kind to him. I mean, it’s cruel, of course, but somehow I love humor that glorifies the awkward.

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