Laundry Limericks

It’s the Diapers and Divinity Spring Poetry Contest(Roaring applause heard from all six readers even though they’re really jealous because they wish this crown could be theirs.)

I loved all your poems.  Thanks to everyone who was adventurous enough to participate.  🙂

Vote for your favorite limerick about laundry.  Here are the finalists:

There once was a girl in a quandary,
For she had at least ten loads of laundry
To do in a day
But there just was no way
To finish without magic wand-ery

Lara at Overstuffed

The piles are climbing the walls
The shirts, the pants and the overalls.
Oh, when will it end?
I think I need a friend-
Oh, help me it’s spilled to the halls.

– Jessica

It’s a blessing to do everyday,
To serve my family this way.
I have to repeat it
Until I believe it,
For laundry will not go away.

– MaryAnne

I’m the luckiest girl in creation,
there are no bounds to my giddy elation!
My husband once volunteered,
now it’s been seven years:
I’m on permanent laundry vacation!

Becca at Come What May and Love It

The official ballot:

I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday.  (I know, it kind of puts the Oscars and Emmys and stuff to shame, but we’ll try not to rub it in.)


7 thoughts on “Laundry Limericks

  1. Sigh. I totally meant to write a limmerick for this. It was going to be just naughty enough to be a good limmerick, and funny enough so that I could have a chance at the big jeweled crown.

    Alas, not only am I nine weeks pregnant and having my brain sucked out daily by a baby the size of a raspberry, but I’m buried in a mess of laundry. How very fitting.

  2. I’m so seriously impressed with the cleverness. And totally jealous of the wife who’s husband does the laundry. Sounds great to me!

    However, your links aren’t working for the two with blogs…. 😦

  3. Blog hiatus has not been a bliss
    Your blog I have very much missed
    I won’t pop your bubble
    Laundry’s nothing but trouble
    Like a slap when you wanted a kiss!

    (Hershey’s, that is — check out my blog and see what I found! It’s heaven!)

  4. You can definitely put it up in your laundry room, but I think the credit has to go to my 2 year old, who insisted on listening to “Follow the Prophet” on repeat. After about the third time through, my brain was ready to start thinking about something else, so I came up with this limerick.

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