Spring Break, General Conference Packets and other conference preparation strategies

UPDATE:  For anyone coming to this post looking for a packet for the upcoming conference, you can click here for more links.


So I’m taking this whole “Spring Break” thing pretty literally and may be more absent here in the blog world for a couple weeks.  I’ll still pop in for General Conference Book Club stuff because (hello!) Conference is right around the corner and it’s one of my favorite parts of Springtime. (Psst, don’t tell anyone, but I might actually go to General Conference.  *squeal*)

In the meantime, I wanted to put up a few great tools to help out with General Conference Preparation.

For children and youth:

Melanie Day at Sugardoodle.com put together some really great packets for small children (mostly coloring), older children (both my kindergartener and 1st grader could do most of it), and for youth (I think adults could use it too!).  They are all specific to the 2010 Spring General Conference and are great for helping your children to pay attention and stay occupied during the talks.  You can find the packets by clicking on this link, then scroll down and download whatever version you want. (There are also several extra links to G.C. resources at the bottom of the page.)

Here’s another site with a lot of packets, cards, and other resources.

Finally, here is an article from the Ensign that I contributed to a while back:  “Preparing Our Children for General Conference.” I can honestly say that my children LOVE conference and look forward to it and usually surprise us with how much they do pay attention.  The article includes some games and activities that have worked smashingly for us in the past.  I hope you can find something helpful there.

For yourself:

This is a pattern I’ve tried to follow in the past, and I’ve learned that it makes my conference experience feel meaningful and personalized.  I’m going to try and start the process now.  Join me?  I’m sure you have some of your own strategies, so I’d love to hear your ideas too.

  1. Pray everyday that my mind and heart will be prepared for any specific message that the Lord wants me to know.
  2. Read my scriptures and/or recent conference talks every day to keep me in the habit of inviting and recognizing the Spirit.
  3. Think about questions I would like answers to, topics I find myself struggling with, and write them down. Include them specifically in my prayers as I do #1.

Happy preparing.  And happy Spring break.


10 thoughts on “Spring Break, General Conference Packets and other conference preparation strategies

  1. Is it a tad bit sad that I’m thrilled my parents, sister and grandma are coming for Easter, but a bit droopy that it’s also Conference Weekend so I’ll have to record conference and watch the 4 sessions a couple days later? I know – be thankful I even have a DVR! But still…

    Enjoy conference if you go! After i went to a session almost 4 years ago and got stuck in insanely horrid traffic coming home, I swore I’d only go again if someone very near and dear really wanted me to go with.

  2. I also love conference and especially when Easter falls on it. It just seems to make it a little more special. I would love to attend Conference but living in Utah we can’t get tickets! Enjoy!! I would just die to meet up with you while you are here. Let me know if you could squeeze in lunch one day.

  3. I love Sugardoodle. I was just talking with my sister about it (we’re both in our ward Primary Presidencies).

    And I’ve never thought of so mindfully preparing for General Conference before. Thank you for this insight.

  4. I love these packets for the kids! I try to get them to watch even just a little of Conference but eventually send them upstairs because they get too restless. I’ve used the packets a few times in the past and the kids make it through almost an entire session. 🙂

  5. THANK YOU for all of these links. My sharing time is this Sunday, and it’s based on General Conference. I have been trying to figure out exactly what I was going to do, and I think you pretty much just wrote my Sharing Time for me 🙂

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