Mothers, cathedrals, and invisibility

I lived in Spain for three summers.  I love Spain.  I love the art, the architecture, the language, the culture.

What surprised me was how much I loved the cathedrals.  They’re beautiful.  One time I heard a concert of monks singing Gregorian chant that echoed inside the large spacious chambers of a cathedral, and it was so lovely that it reverberated inside me and almost brought me to tears.  The WORK behind those buildings is simply magnificent to behold and nearly impossible to imagine.

I came across this video clip on some deserving (but not remembered) blog, and it makes the most poignant comparison between cathedrals and mothers.  I really liked it.  I hope you do too.


16 thoughts on “Mothers, cathedrals, and invisibility

  1. Oh I love this story; never seen the video version, though. Thanks for posting this. I sewed a button on my son’s church pants the other day and thought, “No one even cares that I’m doing this.” But I know someone does. I need to remember that.

  2. Oh wow, Steph, you have no idea how much I needed that today. This morning began just as late night ended: in tears, feeling overwhelmed at the endlessness of the demands on my time, attention and energy. I know my kids are only little for a short time, and things like this help me to remember that the sleep deprivation, the worry and the tears won’t last forever. And it’s all for a good cause.

  3. That was so good. It reminded me of how dissapointed Joseph Smith was when he knew he would not live to see the completion of the Nauvoo Temple. But he also knew that he had completed what his role was – the kingdom of Gad was restored, and that was what he needed to be content doing – what he was assigned to do. Not lament what others would get to do.

  4. I like the perspective of looking at my life as building a great work – makes me feel kind of special!

    I am home alone this week for the first time in 15 years as my youngest has just started school. Have been feeling a little lost and lonely in the house – it’s just so quiet. Thanks for the video – I actually feel a little more peaceful now.

  5. It’s hard for us to accept invisibility because we’re so used to being recognized for the good work we do. We study hard, we get good grades. We work hard, we get promoted. We mother well, and suddenly there isn’t any applause. As much as I think society needs to do a better job valuing motherhood, we need to do better as mothers valuing ourselves and remembering that God values us, too.

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