If you haven’t laughed yet today …

Here’s your chance.  Either read this or yesterday’s post.  That gives you a choice between laughing at me or laughing at people who are funny on purpose.  (Click on the comics to see them better if the font is too small to read.)

1.  Do you feel like maybe this flu season is out to get you?  Like you have as much chance of surviving it as the dinosaurs did of surviving giant meteors/flood/ice age/whatever it is that squelched their existence?

2. I was an avid dog lover growing up.  I worked for a breeder mucking out dog kennels to earn a puppy of my own.  My kids keep begging me for a pet, but I have less patience for it now.  Dogs are stupid.  And I already have toddlers.

3.  And finally, my favorite.  My husband graduates from law school within the month, assuming he gets his final paper done.  I already told him last night I’m not speaking to him for six months if he doesn’t finish, so hopefully that will work to guarantee his graduation.  In the meantime, this gave me a genius idea of how to generate income to pay off his outrageous students loans that will soon kick in.  I bet you wish you’d thought of it before, too.  I forsee a revolution among us bloggers.

(Credit:  I pulled all these comics off of Yahoo! Comics this week.)


11 thoughts on “If you haven’t laughed yet today …

  1. My friend and I were discussing tactics to get our husbands through school. Blackmail didn’t come up, but it’s looking better and better the more I think about it. And I loved your story yesterday. It still has me chuckling under my breath. I hope you got to indulge in a bath, chocolate, a good book, mindless TV watching. . .ANYTHING yesterday to give yourself a much deserved break!!!

  2. Thanks for the chuckles!

    I hope your husband does well with his final papers. Schooling and me just don’t mix right now, so I hope he finishes well 🙂 !!

    I begged for a dog when I was little. My parents gave in. Now my kids want one, but who needs a dog when you have kids to potty train?!

  3. Dogs are stupid and I already have toddlers? Best.line.ever.

    At least toddlers eventually outgrow that phase. Dog stupid is forever.

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