My morning prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

I’m not sure I have the energy for today, so I’m asking for your help.  Please bless Natalie to take her medicine without screaming, gagging and throwing up so she can get better.  I need courage to start the job of helping my children pick up the playroom.  Again.  Help Matt to be ready for his finals and get done all the papers and work he needs to do so he can graduate in January.  I need my husband back in the evenings so that I don’t harm my children when I put them to bed by myself every night.  How do you do it, Heavenly Father?  How do you not lose your temper when no one listens to you?  Help me to be more like you.

Every time I think about all the laundry I need to do, I want to run away.  I know it’s a silly thing, but please give me the discipline I need to actually start it.  I’m thankful I have a washing machine.  I remember washing all my clothes by hand in Argentina, and I know I’m blessed, but I still need help to tackle the job ahead of me.  Help me to remember that my children are not adults, and they are not like me.  They don’t care if the house looks as clean today as it did yesterday.  Help me to be patient and understanding, but still teach them responsibility.

I’m running out of Thanksgiving leftovers, so I should probably start cooking again.  Help me to plan and be resourceful so I don’t get overwhelmed at dinner time when the kids are all crazy and I have no ideas.  I’m thankful we have food.  And a warm house.  Seriously, Heavenly Father, I’m so glad that I have a place to stay warm and comfortable when the weather is so cold.  Please bless those who aren’t as lucky; help them find the shelter and care they need.

Finally, Heavenly Father, help me to relax and face today with a good attitude.   Forgive me for my mistakes and childish pouting.  Help me be worthy of the blessings of my covenants because I need them.  Help me to remember how much I love my children and how much you do too. Bless me with the patience and kindness and charity I need to give them a good example and teach them all they need to know.  Help me to turn to you again when I start to forget.  I’m sure we’ll talk again really soon.  I love you.



30 thoughts on “My morning prayer

  1. “Help me to remember that my children are not adults, and they are not like me.” and “Help me to be patient and understanding, but still teach them responsibility.” I only realized I needed those two things recently, but I sure need to remember them.

    I hope your prayer is answered! (of course it will be!) Man motherhood is hard. And wifehood. And being a woman. And being a person in general. Sheesh!

  2. Amen. Amen. I love Morning prayers. I love setting out the list, and saying “There is no way I can do all this by myself. Please, please help me.”

    It will happen. Good luck today (luck = blessings).

  3. And you have just given me a fat slice of humble pie. Yesterday I was so frustrated for having accomplished nothing, and your sweet prayer has brought me some eternal perspective, and I feel bad for complaining. But thank you, this was such a sweet post, and I am going to link up to it, if that is alright.

  4. Amen! I’m printing it out to reread. I know we don’t believe in rote prayers but this could become my daily prayer because it’s what I need daily. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. …and help me to know that some day, I’ll be so grateful and amazed at how different my kids really ARE from me.

    I read once that a great example of how ‘gifts of the spirit’ are all given to bless one another comes in the form of patriarchal blessings. I have four kids, three of whom have received their blessings. My fourth will probably get his this year.

    The gifts that are given to each of us are available to our entire family. So even though only one of my kids has the ‘gift of discernment’ listed in her blessing, we now know that we can all be blessed by her having that gift.

    Wonderful prayer, Stephanie. It’s in every mother’s heart, young or old.

  6. Amen! I so agree with the part about helping remember that children aren’t adults. I am working on that one too….and most of the other things you listed. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder that I am not the only mom out there who is working on being more patient. I am trying to remember how I survived without blogging…Even when I haven’t actually talked to another adult all day, I feel like I have when I read posts like this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I could cheat and simply say “ditto” to all of the above…. so I will.


    But I can’t help but marvel at the evolution of mother’s prayers. As our children get older, our prayers intensify in different degrees, but laundry never changes. Darn it.

    Hang in there.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. I’m in tears after reading that. I wish I’d prayed that exact same prayer this morning – and had these same thoughts. What strength and potential for strength there is in these words. Thank you for sharing them.

  9. You may have a pile of laundry…I have a pile of dishes. And, boy oh boy, would I love to run away from it. (Luckily, I got through the pile of laundry yesterday!) This is a beautiful prayer. Humility makes it so.

  10. Ditto and AMEN!

    It is so beautiful…. you put it all in words so well!

    and Heavenly me remember to actually speak to you and not just think it in laziness throughout the day……

  11. “Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless me today with everything that Steph has asked for. Substituting her children’s names for LQ.”

    I feel like I should be covered if that’s what I pray for every morning now.

  12. After rereading this AGAIN this morning the part that I relate to the most is “How do you do it, Heavenly Father? How do you not lose your temper when no one listens to you? Help me to be more like you.” I wonder so many times during the day, how Heavenly Father has the patience to guide me when I make so many mistakes. I look to Him as my example, yet I fail miserably. But the most amazing part in all of this is He encourages me and forgives me as I come to Him.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  13. I’m crying as I write this. I have never seen anyone write down a prayer before. It was beautiful and a timely reminder of who I need to turn to in my desperation. With four children, a husband in the military, and being far away from family and friends I needed the reminder that I am not really alone.
    Thank you.

  14. Stopping in at the end of a crazy long busy day. I think I really needed to read these sweet words today. To be reminded that although my husband is far away on business (and has been for soo long) I have someone who can help me still. I needed the reminder today.

  15. oh my goodness, steph…
    this prayer is pretty much identical everyday on the way to taking my four year old to school. Seriously, like IDENTICAL….You are not alone and neither am I :). I am almost positive we are great moms! Keep the sanity!!!

  16. Amen, amen, amen and amen.

    I really need some answers about the not losing your temper one. I feel like my middle child will only respond when I raise my voice. Sigh. I have a lot to learn.

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