Frailty, thy name is Flu.

Sore throat
Stuffy Nose

That’s been the last few days at our house. Anybody want to come play?

I am not a nice sick person.

I lie in bed and yell out threats that I couldn’t possibly have the energy to carry out. They don’t work. I scare myself when I look in the mirror, so I’m not sure why I don’t scare my children.

Matt stayed home from work today and did the dishes. I’m so glad because I think they were about to grow things. And he gave Natalie a bath after she threw up.  I love him.

I have some serious questions.

1. Do you offer irrational prayers when you are sick? “Heavenly Father, if there’s any way you could make dinner appear on the table, that would be great.”

2.  Does this mean that we probably don’t need to get the flu shot now?

This post has been brought to you by the letter P.

  1. We shall now crown the new princess of poetry for receiving the most votes in the write-your-own-lullaby contest.  Congratulations to Shoebox Princess for this lovely little nighttime morsel, sung to the tune of Give, Said the Little Stream:

Sleep said the mommy, Sleep,
Rest your head, Sleepyhead
Sleep said the mommy, Sleep
As I tuck you into bed

You’re small, you know
But wherever you go,
I’ll be there to keep you safe

When you wake up we will play
Morning, noon, thru all the day
But for now sweet dreams shall be
Nighttime love from me

She wins this beautiful crown of glory, and a coveted stint on my sidebar.  Nice work, SP.  Don’t you think the tiara will go nicely with your blog theme?  I think that, in her honor, we should all sing this to our children at bedtime tonight.

Poetry crown

2.  Because I’m feeling a little precocious, I wrote this little tongue twister reminiscent of Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.  Only mine is much more realistic . . . unless I’m the only person who lives nursery rhymes (remember all those horrible ones like birds pecking eyes out and stuff?) and the rest of you live fairy tales.

Patient parent pleaded plenty to pouting primary-aged persons:  “Please put piles, pieces, plates and pants in their perfect little places.” But if patient parent pleads plenty and primary-aged persons persist in procrastinating, how much patience can patient parent really possess?  Please let this penetrate your puny perception:  It’s possible that patient parent will purposely project unpleasant punishments at puckish primary-aged persons resulting in personal pain, penitence and panic …. So presume this:  Patient parent’s patience is not nearly as plentiful as you perhaps perceive.  (So go pick up your blasted peck of of piles, pieces, plates, and pants for Pete’s sake!)

It’s possible I need a nap.

General Conference Book Club Week 3: Elder Christofferson

I chose Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s talk, “Moral Discipline,” this week because it has been on my mind the last few days.  I don’t know if you saw this recent devotional by Elder Oaks, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how our society honors wickedness and belittles efforts for righteousness.  Morality is the new minority.


“Moral discipline is the consistent exercise of agency to choose the right because it is right, even when it is hard.”

“Societies will struggle in vain to establish the common good until sin is denounced as sin…”

“Moral discipline is learned at home.”

“At a minimum, moral discipline will be of immense help to us as we deal with whatever stresses and challenges may come in a disintegrating society.”

Elder Christofferson’s talk was delivered during the Sunday afternoon session of conference.  You can read it here, or watch it here or listen to it here.

I’ve considered this message in context of Elder Bednar’s talk and our call to be people of integrity who live what we know, and I realize that the missing piece for me (in most cases) is discipline.  I look forward to studying Elder Christofferson’s talk this week and reading more of your insights and applications.

If this is your first stop at our book club, click here for more information.  And welcome.

(In other news, today is the last day to vote for the lullaby contest winner.)

What I learned at a dating etiquette dinner

etitableLast night I was asked to participate in my ward’s dating etiquette dinner for the youth.  I have two theories why:

1.  I dated longer than most people and am, therefore, an expert.  (which only truly means that I loathe dating more than most people.)

2.  My husband was hoping to spice up my current dating life and submitted my name.

Either way, they asked me to speak on dating.  It was actually quite fun.  In the process of preparing, despite my “expert” status, I learned a couple things myself.  Take for instance this advice to young women about how to treat young men:

“Young women, can you see beyond young men’s occasional awkwardness and immaturity and imagine them as future leaders in the Church and in their homes? Are you treating them as they can become? There are many ways you can show respect for the priesthood and manhood.”

And I thought to myself, You know, this doesn’t just apply to young men.  It really applies to husbands too.  And children. The phrase “see beyond” stood out to me.  Oh, how I need to do this more with weaknesses, frustrations, trials, obstacles, whatever . . . .  I need to look past them and see things and people as they really are.

As I discussed with the youth the dating standards that the Lord has established through His living prophets, I acknowledged that I know it is way different from the way their friends approach dating, and that’s okay.  It is different because it’s right.  And I told them that God is not out of touch; He knows exactly what they need to be the best person they can be and to qualify for the most blessings possible.  It’s really about trusting Him.  This leads to the other lesson I learned.  While I was driving there that night and thinking through my conclusion, this concept of trust is what came to mind.  I realized that it is the reason we follow any commandments or standards at all.  So I told the youth last night this newly-clarified lesson that I was reminded of in my car:

If you are struggling with whether or not to trust Him and do what He asks, you simply need to get to know Him better.  Because once you know Him, and understand what He’s like and how much He loves you, it’s easy to trust Him.  You’ll find him worthy of that trust.

And so it is for each of us, and for any commandment—  dating or whichever commandment seems to be the tough one in my post-dating life.  It all comes back to the basics.  Am I reading my scriptures and praying and listening for his voice in my life?  Am I working hard at building a relationship with my Savior?  Because when I am, and when I know Him and feel Him close, it’s easy to trust Him.

Oh, and I also learned that you’re supposed to pass food from the left to the right, and you should take the piece of bread closest to you when they pass a bread basket, and you should never blow your nose in your napkin.  See?  A very educational night.

Passing the crown: You be the judge

I would just like to say (to solicit your pity) that this was supposed to be the Fall poetry contest, but it’s been snowing all day today at my house, so maybe the winter poetry contest is right around the corner.  Mother Nature is currently on my hit list.

Anyway,  the call for lullaby lyrics was only answered by the few, the brave, the proud, and the desperate for sidebar fame (just kidding).  So read– or sing– the following homemade lullabys and vote for your favorite.  Voting will close Sunday night and the new winner will be crowned next week.

Poetry crown

1.  By Shantel (sung to the tune of “Goodnight, My Someone” from Music Man)

It’s time for sleeping – its time for naps.
I am getting your bottle – you finish your snack.
Your going to bed – Its lovely I know.
Its time for you to go.

Its time for sleeping – its time for naps.
Its time for you to snooze and me to relax.
You dont want to sleep – but for my sanity –
Its time for sleeping and naps.

2.  By Shoebox Princess (sung to the tune of “Give, Said the Little Stream”)

Sleep said the mommy, Sleep,
Rest your head, Sleepyhead
Sleep said the mommy, Sleep
As I tuck you into bed

You’re small, you know
But wherever you go,
I’ll be there to keep you safe

When you wake up we will play
Morning, noon, thru all the day
But for now sweet dreams shall be
Nighttime love from me

3.  By Zina (sung to the tune of “Love Is Spoken Here”)

I see my baby Henry
And I love him very much
I think he’s sweet to look at
And he’s oh so soft to touch
His coos and his gurgles
Fill my heart with joy
And I am thankful
He’s my little boy

4.  By Liana (sung to the tune of “Know This, That Every Soul Is Free”)
(The second verse is for my daughter, and the third is for my son)

It’s time for bed my precious child.
Although the day’s been fun and wild,
Please close your eyes, don’t make a peep.
You are so sweet when you’re asleep.

We’ve played pretend and dress-up too,
and Cinderella’s found her shoe.
It’s time to sleep, please don’t say “no”
Because your mother loves you so.

We’ve wrestled and played with your truck,
then read about a silly duck,
I’ve loved each moment with you, son,
now go to sleep my little one.

So here’s your kiss and here’s your hug.
Under the covers warm and snug,
Please stay asleep the whole night through,
and know that Mom and Dad love you.

5.  By The Queen (sung to the tune of “Rock a Bye, Baby”)

Rock-a-bye, ladies,
It’s time to stop
Whispering and giggling;
This is your last shot.
If I hear you later,
The other shoe falls,
And you’ll sleep in the pantry-
Cement floor and all!

6. By Alexes (no tune indicated)

As I kiss you good night,
I want to hold you with all my might–
And never let you go.
Tenderness and love abundantly flow,
I will always love you.

My child, time has flown by me.
soon you will be older, and you will flee,
It will not fill me with glee,
To see you depart.
I hope I have taught you,
everything you need to know–
I will always love you.

I hope you remember, the good times and the bad,
Life is like that you know, sometimes we feel a little sad.
Don’t ever let life get you down,
Don’t let that smile turn into a frown.
Remember my whisper to you each evening,
I love you.

As you live your life each day–
I hope you let each sunshine ray,
Warm your cheery heart.
and remember, Always remember–
Your Heavenly Father will never depart.
I love you.

Aren’t they all lovely?  Doesn’t it just want to make you go snuggle your sleeping child?  Vote for your favorite(s) here (up to three):