Haiku! (Bless you.)

Well, I know you’ve just been on the edge of your seats waiting to find out who the finalists are in the Diapers and Divinity Summer Poetry Contest.  I have selected four of my favorites.  (I have also altered them just a little bit so that I could fit them all into two succinct little stanzas more uniform for contest purposes.  This may seem a little dictatorial on my part, which really does not matter because it is my blog and everything you write on here actually belongs to me by copyright law…. I really don’t know if that’s true, but I figure that if I said it with authority, you would believe me.)

These poems are haikus about summer vacation with children.  Anyway, without further ado, the finalists are:



When the kids were small,
Camping fit the fam’ly funds,

Which were sparce and spare.


No more camps for me.
You can keep your tents and bugs.
Hotels come with pools!



Shoebox Princess




I made a chore chart
To teach the kids about work

I have learned to nag.


House shrinks in summer

Too much noise, not enough space.

We go to the beach.


Melanie J



A soft, fuzzy head
Whiffs of coconut sunblock

Gold skin and freckles


Cute little white bums

Peeking out of swimming trunks

I smile. It’s summer.




 (sorry, Charlotte I couldn’t find your actual profile picture on your blog.)

crazy face


Hot grilled hamburgers,
A slice of watermelon,

ice cream and snow cones.


I can taste summer.
Summer scents permeating-




Vote for your favorite one here by Friday night.  Winners will be announced next weekend and one haiku-ist will be featured on my sidebar for the remainder of the summer (and get some prize they will wonder if it was worth the postage to send).
Nice job, ladies.  Happy polls!

11 thoughts on “Haiku! (Bless you.)

  1. These are ALL great, but I find myself saying, “Awww….” when I read Melanie J.’s. That’s how I want to feel in the summer… What a positive outlook!

  2. I’d like to thank the academy, and to declare that it’s an honor just to be nominated. But I really wish I had used the word “intoxicating” in my Haiku. Seriously, that is a twelve dollar word if I ever saw one!

    (Oh, and MINE is the one Stephanie shortened to fit the letterbox format of your screen. It’s too bad; the missing stanza reveals the secret to life, salvation, and how they get the pimientos inside green olives. Tell her you oppose censorship! Otherwise she’ll never learn.)

    I’m off to vote!

  3. Thats the last time I make a hat out of aluminum foil, wear it, take a picture of it, and post it on my blog making a face. Next time I’ll use chicken wire (or convince my husband to wear the hat).

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