Christmas wake-up call

I cried.  I love Christmas.

You can still jump in to our 12 days of Christmas challenge (better late than never, right?).  And if you’ve been participating, please share some of your experiences there.  Good things happen when we spread some kindness in one-woman-at-a-time bulk.  🙂

And here are a couple Post-its to show off a few blog posts that have inspired me lately.

1.   Mommy J, who usually blogs over at Mommy Snark wrote this fantastic post as a feature over at MMB:  “I am mother.  That is enough.,”  which echoes so nicely what “Diapers and Divinity” really means to me.

2.  Heather of the EO wrote a post called “Ours” this week, and wow.  Just wow.  She captures so beautifully the shock and awe we feel when we become new mothers.

3.   My friend Molly, shared with me this post that her sister-in-law wrote for national adoption month.  I think it does a lovely job of highlighting the triumphs, challenges, and divine role of adoption.  I’ve often thought about how the Lord uses adoption into the Tribes of Israel in order to make his covenants and blessings available to all his children everywhere.  Parent-child adoption is a beautiful symbol of how this works and is recognized in God’s great plan of salvation.

4.   Another friend, Shantel, wrote this post recently, “Come Let Us Adore Him,”  about how she was able to overcome the Christmas blues and grasp the meaning of the season.  And when I say meaning, I mean some really cool insight into the symbols of the nativity and their relationship to doctrines of Christ.  It is awesome stuff.  A little long (like I’m one to talk), but if you stick it out, I promise you’ll feel enlightened.

Do you have any favorite posts you’ve read (or even written) lately?  Share them in the comments.


Let’s spread some bloggy love, shall we?

Post-it Award

Here are some of my favorite posts recently.  I think they deserve your attention, and I think you deserve to read them.

Debbie at Suburb Sanity wrote this hilarious post that gave me a great idea about how to get out of doing laundry.  She is wise and witty, and finds a way to remind us that old-school values still have a place in this crazy, modern world.

Jana at The Meanest Mom has been one of my favorites since I first stuck my toe in blog waters a year ago.  I love her harmless sarcasm and the way she takes the common challenges of motherhood and makes them so darn easy to laugh at.  In this post, she explains the phenomenon of children’s organizational problems with unmatched snark and wit.  You’ll laugh.  I promise.

Melanie at Write Stuff has become one of the people on my “I’d love to meet in real life” list.  Her blog always feels like a conversation you’d have with a friend late at night while you laugh or analyze together and eat too many calories to count.  This post cracked me up because there was like a collective “Wha??” in the comment thread from all her readers, and I learned a few code words for sensitive topics that I never knew existed.  Just a hoot.

Another blogger I’ve loved since the early days of blogdom is Sue at Navel Gazing at Its Finest.  If you don’t read her already, you should start, but don’t drink liquids while you read.  Anyway, she wrote one of the funniest birth stories I’ve ever read.  Check it out.

And finally, I’ve learned how talented my friend Becca is as I’ve followed her blog, The Little Author That Could.  She recently wrote this post that so beautifully captured the depth and breadth of the simple moments of motherhood.  It’s really lovely.

So, congrats ladies.  Note to the winners:

Post-it Award

There are no weird prize rules for this award.  You don’t have to do a viral tag  of 8 people or make a monumental display on your homepage about it (unless you want to).  Here’s all you do:

1.  Accept it.  You can do this in the tearful silence of your own computer desk or by writing an emotional acceptance speech in my comments.

2.  Pay attention in the next week or so to the posts that you read elsewhere and if you find a favorite (or two or three), then pass the award along to honor the blogger who wrote it.  You can either do a post like this where you announce it (and which I will probably continue to do on occasion), or you can email them and let them know or whatever.  You’re smarter than me; do what you want.

And as a random side note, I have an odd hobby where I plan fantasy vacations that I never take.  Seriously, ladies, I know how to find rocking travel deals.  Check this one out for example:  A 10-night Meditteranean cruise for $350.  Please someone take this trip so I don’t feel like I found it in vain.