Random photos as a substitute for real blogging


You may or may not have noticed that my summer blogging has been abysmal.

This is, of course, a reflection of a very exciting and covet-worthy life of adventure. Or not. It’s possible that it’s also a reflection of a frazzled mother who is playing three months of cruise director (sans cruise ship) while simultaneously over-committing herself in the category of on-the-side-personal-projects. Go ahead and guess which scenario is more true.

The little word cloud above sums up the summer quite nicely, but here are a few pictures to make you feel like you’re here.

splash pad zoo trail mix TG point farm flowers temple tuesdays 2013-06-29_23-10-00_714 2013-06-04_16-37-30_232 2013-06-19_15-18-41_206 2013-06-21_08-53-08_666 2013-07-12_08-49-18_957 2013-07-21_19-21-26_746 2013-07-22_13-33-20_870 2013-07-23_12-20-53_866Education Week

So there you have it.Β  (I’ll post later about some of the books the kids and I have been reading.)

Keep in mind that I neither took nor posted pictures of these less desirable summer activities: children fighting, laundry piled to ceiling, lame dinners because it’s too hot to cook, me in a swimsuit, what the car looks like at the end of a road trip, and the bottomless pile of papers on my desk that I keep thinking I will get to soon.

How’s your summer going?


7 thoughts on “Random photos as a substitute for real blogging

  1. You made it all the way to Mars! Now that is adventurous πŸ˜€ Your flowers are beautiful! Awesome headboard/wall art thingy! Have a fun rest of the Summer, school will be back in session soon and it will be back to home work battles, that’s what I call them at least…

  2. I wish I could come to Education Days and listen to you. One day I’ll make it. Hope it goes great.
    I’m impressed with all you’ve done. I’m in school and my kids are in daycare. They have fun and go places but it makes me so sad. Not how I planned my life.. but it is what it is.
    I love your Barney punishment. Great idea.

    • We just go visit the temple grounds of a temple and sometimes take a treat, like a snow cone or a donut. We’ve talked a lot about how to behave at the temple, so I feel like we approach each visit reverently and don’t bother the patrons or act disrepectfully on the grounds. And we’re in Utah, so we have a lot of temples to choose from.

  3. I can’t make it to your education week classes, but if I could I would come to the one on beauty. I’ve hurt lately that I’m so plain looking. I’d love some encouragement/better perspective. Will you post your notes or something?

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