Quotes and Happenings from BYU Women’s Conference Day 1

Whew. I’ve been women’s conferencing since I left my house at 7:15 this morning. I’m the good kind of tired. Before I sign off for the night, I wanted to share some of favorites from the day, courtesy of my Twitter account. Today is seriously the first day I’ve ever really used it for real– to “tweet” about something as it’s happening. Since I haven’t figured out how to cut and paste this in reverse, just note that the top of the list is the end of the day and the bottom of the list is the beginning of the day. Reverse chronological order. Got it?  I’ll be tweeting more tomorrow, but probably not quite as often because 1) I have my book signing for a couple hours in the morning, and 2) it was harder work than I thought it would be.  Behold my glorious Thursday:

(If you click on the links, it will take you to photos, etc.)


  1. Hilary Weeks is the goods. Her love song “I Found Me” made me want to go home and kiss my husband on the lips. #byuwc #deseretbookconcert

  2. At Deseret Book concert with Sandra Turley singing “For Good” from Wicked #byuwc #deseretbook #wickedthemusical pic.twitter.com/xVd1CSCFFM

  3. When all these groups of women walk across campus, I think to myself, “THIS is God’s Army.” #weareallenlisted #byuwc pic.twitter.com/DRw8UegGbZ

  4. Because God loves us, He labors to make us loveable. #kevinworthen #byuwc

  5. Eternal love is so much a characteristic of what makes God God that the apostle Paul taught, “God IS love.” #kevinworthen #byuwc

  6. Sometimes when we are stretched by our children, we find that we are capable of doing more than we thought we could. #peggyworthen #byuwc

  7. Sometimes we don’t have time to fast and pray; sometimes we only have time to pray fast. #paraphrased #peggyworthen #byuwc

  8. Family is ordained of God. It is the most important unit in time and in eternity. #churchhandbook #peggyworthen #byuwc

  9. Beautiful piano/cello duet, “Lead kindly light.” Wish you could hear it. #ldshymns #byuwc

  10. A loving Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and inspires us what to do to reach a particular child. #sisCallister #pHicken #byuwc

  11. Keep in mind that children don’t need perfect mothers; children need human mothers that can manage their humanness #motherstylesbook #byuwc

  12. Teenagers speak another language. Like the brother of Jared, pray to the Lord to not confound their language. #juliegowans #byuwc

  13. One of the best ways to develop patterns of communication with our children is to build relationships with them. #juliegowans #byuwc

  14. If the Savior is my greatest champion, am I His? #AMtoone #byuwc

  15. Heavenly Father expects his daughters to use their influence to change the world, one individual and one family at a time. #AMtoone #byuwc

  16. Christ gives righteous women more lasting influence than women of the world, especially at the individual and family level. #AMtoone #byuwc

  17. Christ demonstrated deep familiarity with women’s lives. He appreciated them and ennobled them. #DMK #annemarietoone #byuwc

  18. Don’t measure your worth or your day by society’s standards. #cherylsavage #byuwc

  19. This is my stage and my season. I am a warrior. #cherylsavage #byuwc

  20. You can’t make children behave better by making them feel worse #heatherstephenson #byuwc

  21. “Grant me the patience to deal with my little blessings” #heatherstephenson #byuwc

  22. Sometimes your kids don’t need you in their face; they just need you by their side. #aprilmoody #byuwc

  23. When we live a righteous life, our presence becomes a powerful influence. #aprilmoody #byuwc

  24. I can control what my presence brings to my family.”If you want peace, yours is the responsibility to obtain it.” -McKay #aprilmoody #byuwc

  25. Who we are is more important than what we do. Our presence matters. #aprilmoody #byuwc

  26. Apparently there are alot of us who need a class about controlling our temper. 🙂 #byuwc pic.twitter.com/jAAxuOjIJ7

  27. Embrace and own the lives we are given. Find ways to make them useful. #elainemarshall #byuwc

  28. You cannot live your life in Gethsemane. Jesus was already there. #elainemarshall #byuwc

  29. The grace is already there; we might as well show up. #elainemarshall #byuwc

  30. Elaine S. Marshall: All we have to do is press forward with joy to have the only promise we really need: the Lord is with us. #byuwc

  31. I will be live-tweeting from BYU Women’s conference today. Feel free to follow along. It will almost be as good… http://fb.me/25moXRL6K 

  32. Sister Linda K Burton: The Lord will be with us even unto the end as we do our part as daughters in the kingdom. #byuwc

  33. Let’s get this party started. Loving crowds of good women. #byuwc pic.twitter.com/vYJQpM1TX0




5 thoughts on “Quotes and Happenings from BYU Women’s Conference Day 1

  1. This was great to read through–thank you for taking the time to do it!
    I love #13 and #21. Awesome.
    The picture of the line is both funny and sad. My Mom and my sister saw the line and went to another class at the same location. Only 3 other people attended that class and my mom said it was really good. I felt so bad for the presenter.
    Good luck with your book signing today!! I’ll be thinking of you from clear over here.

  2. Thank you, thank you for sharing these tidbits of wisdom. I wasn’t able to go to Women’s Conference and was feeling somewhat deprived. I also really, really enjoy your blog.

  3. That was just what I needed to start my day – especially since I seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    Keep the sharing coming. One of these years I am going to attend this conference in person 🙂 !!

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