FOOD for thought

I have a new favorite food, and it’s strangely outside my normal categories of chocolate, potatoes, and soups (I know. I’m like an icon of health.). So this is it:

The Veggie Avocado sandwich at Kneaders Bakery. On Paesano bread, minus the onions, add cucumber. Yum! (That picture is on the wrong kind of bread, but conveniently seems to be accompanied by a potato-ish soup.)

I know, it seems like I should be kidding because it’s almost too healthy for me, but it is so tasty and it totally eliminates any drive-thru window guilt. And if I order it with a Blueberry No. 5 smoothie, double yum. So, you’re welcome. (Do you have a favorite “healthy” fast food option?)

2. Speaking of healthy, as a nice take-away gift for speaking at RootsTech, the Story@Home people gave me a box of 10 Utah truffles. Ten. On Saturday. Now there are none. I have nothing to say about that except that it’s a good thing I like myself or I might actually hate myself right now.

3. The infamous (3 Amigos reference) Middle-aged Mormon Man interviewed me on his blog today and asked me questions about my book, Covenant Motherhood, and other important things like Taco Bell and soda. You should go check it out because the poor man could really use the traffic (I’m teasing him).

4. I’m curious. Have any of you read my book yet? Did you like it? And what did you eat while you read it? (Just trying to keep everything on topic here.) If you did like it, would you maybe go write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Deseret Book, and/or Seagull Book? I’ve heard that good reviews can make a big difference if people add it to their shopping cart or not. If you didn’t like my book, please disregard this part of the post and just go back to thinking about sandwiches and chocolate. Thankyouverymuch.


6 thoughts on “FOOD for thought

  1. I haven’t read your book yet, but I can’t wait to do so! I ordered it through Amazon (cause I love prime two day shipping) and it says it is temporarily out of stock? I’m hoping it gets in stock soon, otherwise, I’ll go order it from Deseret. Out here on the east coast, stuff tends to take weeks to arrive from Deseret, so I always check with amazon first. HOWEVER I get the book, I’m definitely looking forward to reading it and will be happy to share my thoughts when I’m done.

  2. I need to know the ingredients of that sandwich, so I can make it at home. Anything with Avocado, and I’m THERE.

    Except for the fact that I live in England and can’t fly over to Utah just for a sandwich. Sad.

  3. I went out and bought your book immediatly. I came home and tried to sit down and read it. There seemed to be so much chaos going on I could not really focus on it! I had to put it down. I need some quite time to read it, maybe when spring break is over? (who am I kidding? quiet time? ridiculous!)

  4. Congratulations again! How exciting to be lead, guided, then feel the satisfaction of hard work and obedience followed through! I am very happy for you!!!
    Corine 😀

  5. I’ve read the first two chapters available online and loved them! Have been spreading the word ever since. Look forward to buying your book this week!

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