This is the year my first book gets published.

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It feels surreal. So exciting, and a little scary.

Well, if anyone is interested in following the journey of the book, I now created an official author page on Facebook. I figure if anyone goes there and likes it, then they won’t be annoyed if they get updates about the book progress.  The link is

See? It has a real name and everything, not just Steph @ Diapers and Divinity. Scary. And exciting.

Covenant Motherhood is scheduled for release in March (that’s in TWO more months, people!!!). Thank you for reading my blog and commenting and sharing and saying the kinds of things that gave me the confidence to take my writing to another level. I really do love you for that.

Happy New Year. Indeed.


6 thoughts on “This is the year my first book gets published.

  1. Stephanie, I’m so excited for you! (And also very excited to say the same thing for me!) I have high hopes for 2013… and really, really hope I get to meet you in May!

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