General Conference Book Club Week 1

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Full heart. Determination. Gratitude. Love. Longing.

These are all things I feel as general conference draws to a close. The Lord answered many of my prayers and concerns, sent me reassurances, and gently called me to repent and gain more access to his power and protection. These are just some of the reasons I love general conference. I could not be more grateful for living prophets and apostles and the guidance they provide.

Please share some of your thoughts and reactions to general conference in the comments below. This week we will just reflect and ponder on all that we have heard and felt, and starting next Sunday, we will begin to study the talks one by one.  They are already available to watch or listen at, and transcripts will probably be posted by Thursday of this week.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Did you notice any themes, patterns, or repetitions throughout conference?
  2. What warnings were given?
  3. In what ways did you feel a call to action?
  4. What testimonies stood out to you, and in what ways was your own testimony strenghthened?
  5. Did you have favorite talks, phrases, or messages?

I have made SEVERAL quote images of some of the messages that stood out to me as I listened.  Feel free to pin them, print them, copy and paste them, share them, etc. I hope they are helpful in retaining the words of our living prophets. (If you’d like to just quickly repin them to Pinterest, you can grab them from this board (for the quotes from prophets and apostles) and this board (for the other general authorities.)


21 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club Week 1

  1. Here’s another one: Knowing the gospel is true is testimony; being true to the gospel is conversion. David A. Bednar More of my thoughts to come after the kids are all in bed and I can focus a bit more! Can’t wait!!!

  2. I felt like one of the reacuring themes was “NOW IS THE TIME. The time to love. The time to serve. The time to be happy. The time to repent. The time to gain knoweledge. The time to teach. The time to stand. The time to be grateful. The time to attend the temple and do geneology work. The time to recieve the Fathers fullness of Blessing.”
    And I am sure there are many others.

  3. The Family Proclamation was quoted several times. There were several talks directed to parents. Family and teaching the gospel in the home was a theme that stood out to me.
    Pres. Monson suggested we start a gratitude journal – or just be better about writing down our experiences. I need to be better about this.
    I also liked Sis. Dibb’s “I’m a Mormon I live it I love it” statement.

  4. I felt like the call to action was a recurrent theme. Like the time is now get on with it people! I loved Sister Dibb’s talk that really touched my heart, especially the story that she shared about Brooke, the daughter that passed but brought so much joy to their lives. I lost a dear friend, and I’ve lost family and that really hit home for me. I think that by changing the ages for missions that a whole new set of opportunities and challenges will be created, it is exciting and at the same time the bar has been raised in a sense. I still have to go back through the talks again…there was just so much!

  5. I heard several mentions of service, whether missionary, temple, family history, Christian love, whatever. The missionary theme stood out for me because one of my sons was directly affected by the announcement, as was my niece. The Lord is hastening his work and we need to step up our efforts to be a part of it.

  6. I love General Conference! Just wish it came more often to keep me on track. It’s hard to focus on one talk. I love the message of heeding the spirit, and the urge to serve. I loved the observe and serve!

  7. Such a nice job on the quotes, what a great review from reading through your creative artwork – high 5!! I felt a reoccurring theme of LIVE your RELIGION. With the Church of Jesus Christ very much in the spotlight these days we can’t be casual about how we live our lives. No new surprises or new doctrine . . . (except maybe surprised at the change in the missionary age requirements!! :D) just LIVE your religion . . . serve, love, reach out, study, increase testimonies, share the gospel, parent your children, be an example). I didn’t hear anyone quote President Hinckley (still miss him when conference time rolls around . . . ) but we can all try harder to be a little better!

    Just my two cents.


    • I got that too Kristen, that we can all try harder and be a little better. We know what areas we struggle with the most so we know where we can do better to make everything better. Thanks for sharing your two cents! It made me have one of those ah ha moments just now! 🙂

  8. I have to say that I was shocked that L. Tom Perry is 90 years old! And I loved his talk on the family. The home is where it all begins and can be a safe anchor. Overall I felt that each message led to being a deliberate people. We can’t simply stand by, but we must stand up, take charge and be prepared. I am working on incorporating things into my family and many talks reiterated what I have been thinking about and planning and helped me point out to my children why I am doing these things…like making them do chores. I particularly enjoyed the story about the young boy choosing a bully to be his helper because he thought he needed to be picked. It was a good example to point out to my children, and reiterated our theme, which is love one another and show kindness in all that you do and say. Anyways, I loved conference. I was sad to see it come to a close, but I am glad we can access the talks and sessions as a whole on the internet and in the ensign.

  9. This conference was amazing. I think I say this every 6 months, but truly this one changed out lives. Not only were the messages exactly what we needed to hear, but my daughters lives have now look at a mission as a for sure thing rather than a possibility. My oldest is turning in her papers this week. Elder Holland’s talk brings tears to my eyes just remember. LOVED CONFERENCE!

    Great job with the quotes. You have been busy!

  10. I LOVED this conference. I too say this every time conference rolls around but this one was JUST what I needed. All but one talk was able to answer questions I had. The one I didnt I am sure will in time but at this time because in the last six months we had to stop doing foster care the talk of the abuse that we had been wittness too so much was a sore spot for me that I became over emtional and it crowed out the spirit of the Lord. So as my wounds here I am sure there are gems to be found in Elder Oaks talk. I had so many favorite quotes and talks. My top 5 talks though were President Monson’s on Prayers and inspirtation, President Uchtdorf on Regrets, this topic has been on my mind a lot lately so this one was very needed. Elder Russell M. Nelson on Missionaries, my sister in law has been out for 1 year now and we are really starting to miss her and this talk just had me thinking of her. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on Discipleship and lastely Elder David A. Bednar on testimony and Conversion.

    Lastly the themes I noticed this time around was missionary work, discipleship and now is the time to prepare and make changes and repent. My faviorate 2 qoutes from the weekend would probably have to be “The furture is as bright as your faith.” (Elder Marsh) and “The Lord is in the details of our lives.” ( President Monson)

  11. I can’t say enough about what I got out of this conference. The spirit prepared me, and taught me amazing truths. I just hope I can live what I now understand. I am anxious to go back through everything and I am so happy that I have been called to teach these talks to others. I get to learn. The Lord is SO SO SO good.

  12. Totally with Matty B. on this one. I’d try to expound but am taking copious amounts of cold medication to stay functioning and I might start out okay but would end up quoting Doctor Who.

  13. Our stake conference recently focused on being converted and I was surprised at how many times that was mentioned throughout conference!

  14. I love everything about conference, and I especially love Elder Holland. He is such a powerful speaker, and there is no doubt as to what he believes. Just listening to him gives me goosebumps! I can’t wait to dig deeper into all of the conference talks.

  15. I think that the theme of the conference for me was “I am hastening My work.” So many talks stood out to me that we need to be more sincere, genuine, deliberate in truly being converted and being disciples of the Savior. It reminded me of another conference several years back where I felt the theme was “raising the bar”. I think this was a call to action to everyone to take a closer look at our lives and do a little better at aligning how we live with what we believe. There were talks that spoke to me as a parent to cherish my children and to give them the tools to stand on their own spiritually. I have a 15- year old son, and to think that he could be serving a mission in 3 years is a scary and wonderful thought. Have I done all I can to prepare him, to help him become converted, to help him stand on his own and teach others the truth?
    Another theme that stood out to me was love. I kept thinking of Pres. Monson’s quote, “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” We were reminded that to love the Lord and to love each other are truly the most important things! With the Church receiving so much publicity, I have had to think about what we are famous for: not drinking, not smoking, no coffee, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if we were known for being the most loving, most Christlike people before we were known for the things we don’t do?!
    My favorite talks were Elder Cook, President Uchtdorf (who was my stake president in Germany many years ago – love that man!!!), Elder Perry, Elder Holland, Elder Clarke, and Elder Bednar. Is that too many favorites to have? 🙂
    Anyway, I saw that the transcripts are up on I have already picked a few that I can’t wait to reread as soon as possible!

  16. I’m new here. Excited to have a format to study and share thoughts from the most recent General Conference. I age with some of the themes-true conversion, discipleship, living your beliefs, etc. I felt a call to be a better mother smand parent. Especially with the age change for missionaries, we need to prepare and teach our children well, and while they are young.
    I loved Elder Holland talk, so powerful! Pres. Uchdorf always has great messages. I lived in the Mexican Mormon Colonies for 4 years in high school, so Elder
    I’m Johnson’s talk was special, because I knew the people involved in the story.
    I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from you all.

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