General Conference is coming. Are you ready??

We have living prophets and apostles.  LIVING prophets and apostles!  It’s amazing.

I love general conference deep, and I think my children are catching on.  A while back, Natalie asked me if I knew what her favorite holiday was.  I guessed Christmas, and she said. “Nope. General Conference.”  I think she’s given it a little more thought since then and decided it’s actually in second place, but still.  Happy heart pinch moment.

Next round:  Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 1st.  I don’t have anything new and exciting to say about getting ready for general conference because I’m just happy with my same old routines. It’s all become tradition, both physical and spiritual traditions, and I look forward to it like an oasis in a busy world.

So I’ll just remind you to start thinking of questions you have for the Lord about your life, your family, your goals, your needs, your potential… and pray about those questions.  Watch conference with your questions in your hand and a pencil ready to receive revelation.  I promise it works.

Here’s a post with other suggestions to prepare yourself for conference.

And here’s another with suggestions of how to prepare your children.

There are always a plethora of current resources for activities and children’s general conference packets over at Sugardoodle.

I always love to review the last conference before I watch the next one.  It makes it easy to recognize patterns and repetition– both tools that God uses to tell us, “Pay attention to this!”  Here’s the highlight video from October 2011 conference:

See? Doesn’t that just make you excited?

Also, the tradition of General Conference Book Club will continue after this next conference, but there will be a big change.  It will still have all the integrity of studying the conference talks, but there will be a new guest hostess.  I’ll post more about that as we get closer.

Feel free to share any of your own traditions and preparation strategies in the comments below.  Your idea may feel like a perfect fit to someone else’s circumstances.


7 thoughts on “General Conference is coming. Are you ready??

  1. I am totally joining the GCBC this next go around! Totally excited for General Conference in a couple weeks. It really is amazing to have this open cannon and realize God does talk to us through His servants.

  2. I just found your blog and the GCBC so I’m thrilled. I think the most important preparation for GC with children is simply to be consistent in sitting there and watching/listening to it together. Everything else can change and evolve. (activities, foods, etc.) As the children grow so do their attention spans and by the time they are mid to late teens, if they are in the habit of watching conference, you can see them eager for it and focusing on the messages. My children are mostly grown, three are gone from the nest, but they still talk about the traditions associated with watching GC. Our missionary is actually disappointed that he’ll return home three days after conference this year. He was so looking forward to sitting with the family enjoying the spirit. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us.

  3. I get giddy like a school girl before Christmas when it gets close to General Conference time! I am hoping to do a lot of things with my kids to prep them for General Conference so they will like it. They did fine last year, but I want them to love General Conference as much as I do! We’ll be watching the highlights video from last conference, as well as playing our General Authorities matching game.

    Love love love General Conference (and I have to say the Church’s video was awesome)

  4. Thank-you Steph for writing and stirring comments. I love your emails. Glad you are going to get extra help. This is the best idea for a Book Club. I have never come to conference with questions. I certainly will.
    Start thinking about the Lord
    And the answers that you seek
    He speaks to those who labor
    To be humble, pure, and meek

  5. Stephanie: I guess life just got in the way last time. I will do better this time. You do such a great job.

    I love General Conference. It is always such a boost and if I really prepare myself, I hear exactly what I NEED TO HEAR!!!!

    Thanks for always doing this and not saying, “If you’ve said you were going to participate and don’t stick with it, don’t try to come back and participate next time” ; )

  6. It would be hard for me to love your blog more than I already do, but I REALLY love your blog around Conference time. Thanks for all the good things you share. You are just awesome. (And thanks for the J.A.M. the other night! I don’t think I’ve left a comment since then. It was such a fun night, and so great to meet you in person.)

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