Just a couple things I wanted to pass along.

Today at 6:00 p.m (corrected!). MST, Sister Elaine Dalton will be doing a live webcast with Voices for Virtue via Facebook.  If you’d like to watch or participate by asking questions, that link gives all the info.

Montse and Jocelyn will be hosting a celebration of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  In preparation for that event, they are inviting people from all over the world to submit video clips of themselves/their families quoting snippets from the Proclamation.  Check out all the details at either one of their blog links (Click on their names above).

Also, you know that recently I shared some of my feelings about fighting pornography.  I’ve since come across a few more ways to do that, but one simple way is to go sign this petition to Congress about enforcing the laws related to the pornography industry.  It’s a quick way to make a difference.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  I know I will.  🙂


11 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. I’m confused b/c your post says it will be at 10 am MST today.
    However, the facebook page says it won’t be until 6 pm MST.
    Do you know which one is correct b/c I would ♥ to listen in.
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. On fighting pornography, the ACLU is trying and being rather successful at making pornography available in schools. One good way to fight against this is find out about what is going on in your school and fight back. Here is a recent article about the ACLU’s victory yesterday.

    You should also know that one way the ACLU is gathering information about what schools allow and disallow is by getting students to try the school’s computers and report back.

    I will sign that petition too.

  3. Thanks for sharing all of this, Stephanie!

    I’m going to be seeing the woman who shared that petition with me and find out what’s up with their server. It looks like the whole thing is down.

    Diane, thanks for the links you shared. I heard that there is a similar battle going on at the public library level. There’s a lot to work against here.

    So excited about Sister Dalton’s webcast!

  4. I talked with Dawn tonite and the reason their sites are down is because they got hacked. By porn folks.

    We’ve definitely got a battle on our hands, but there is an army of different people doing so much. Please, keep sharing ideas and resources and ways we can speak out and make a difference!

  5. Dang, the link still isn’t working…

    Diane’s link has me worried! Poland is generally quite conservative, but it’s also Europe, where an R rating on a movie is changed to “Age 12 and over” if the content is just nudity/sex, but gets an 18+ rating if it’s violence. I will definitely look into what kind of filters are used in my kids’ schools.

    Oh! I hope you have a very wonderful time this weekend! Jealous!

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