Healing from Abuse

I was doing some studying this morning, and I came across this talk by Elder Richard G. Scott, delivered in April 2008 general conference.  I had the feeling that I should post it on the blog.  I don’t really know what to say about it.  I do not know if any readers have struggled or do struggle with pain that comes from abuse or misconduct at the hands of others (and I probably don’t need to know).  Perhaps it may be a tool for passing along this testimony to people in need.

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse, as well as others’ hurtful choices can leave people with deep scars and lasting pain.  I love what Elder Scott teaches here about Heavenly Father’s love and the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Here is a link to read the talk:  To Heal the Shattering Consequences of Abuse

Here is a video:

And some of my favorite quotes:

The rising tide of this vicious, abominable sin may not have touched your life personally. Yet it is pervasive enough in the world that it may have touched someone you love. It frequently causes such profound suffering— that can be overcome—that I want to speak of how healing can be attained. . . .

If you have been abused, Satan will strive to convince you that there is no solution. Yet he knows perfectly well that there is. Satan recognizes that healing comes through the unwavering love of Heavenly Father for each of His children. He also understands that the power of healing is inherent in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Therefore, his strategy is to do all possible to separate you from your Father and His Son. Do not let Satan convince you that you are beyond help.

Satan uses your abuse to undermine your self-confidence, destroy trust in authority, create fear, and generate feelings of despair. Abuse can damage your ability to form healthy human relationships. You must have faith that all of these negative consequences can be resolved; otherwise they will keep you from full recovery. While these outcomes have powerful influence in your life, they do not define the real you. . . .

Rest assured that the Perfect Judge, Jesus the Christ, with a perfect knowledge of the details, will hold all abusers accountable for every unrighteous act. In time He will fully apply the required demands of justice unless there is complete repentance. . . .

Parents, in appropriate, sensitive ways, teach your children of the potential danger of abuse and how to avoid it. Be aware of warning signs, such as an abrupt change in a child’s behavior, that may signal a problem. Be alert to a child’s unsettled feelings and identify their origin.