I almost didn’t post this because I don’t want to be on Good Morning America.

Some of you may have (or have had) 6 year olds that you think are pretty cute and clever and all that.  With all due respect to your own wonderful children, my Clark is really something else.  He has this unabashed enthusiasm about things.  He feels stuff all the way.  His happy is bouncy-like, and his sadness is of the weeping and wailing variety.  Today the tears and tragic cries flowed freely when his post-baseball game brownie fell out of the package onto the ground below the bleachers.  Oh, the suffering.  He loves to laugh, giggle, scheme, and grin mischievously about things.  He also likes to sneak food, hide his clean laundry in the back of his closet instead of putting it away, and make way too many jokes about underwear and other bathroom-related topics, but that’s all fodder for another post.  Clark is a boy with heart.

So we made this video a little over a week ago because he kept singing this song over and over again around the house and it occured to me, You know, I really ought to record this for posterity’s sake because it really is kind of priceless.  So I convinced him to come over to the computer camera and sing his song for me.  Unfortunately, the stupid program kept cutting off the recording partway through, so he had to start over many, many times.  By the time we got to the final (and first complete) recording, he had somehow come up with a whole bunch of “actions” to go along with his singing (oh, the actions!).  And maybe it’s just me, his proud and totally amused mom, but I think this is a classic.  It’s definitely classic Clark, and maybe I’m delusional thinking that anyone else will find it as equally endearing and awkwardly hilarious as I do, but I decided to share it anyway.  But then I thought, What if it really is as great as I think it is and it goes viral and then I’ll have to go on those early morning talk shows?  I’m wearing my pajamas and yesterday’s mascara in this video.  I don’t even have anything to wear on TV, and I need a haircut, plus we’d be sitting there on national television and Clark would crack some joke about underwear or something and I’d be mortified.  So enjoy the video, but not too much.

Dear readers, this is my Clark:


24 thoughts on “I almost didn’t post this because I don’t want to be on Good Morning America.

  1. Okay, he is darling. And precocious! My goodness. I seriously adore his actions. Rolling along and the title part? Plus the rest of it? So awesome.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! This is absolutely PRECIOUS, I am just dying laughing and crying right now. What a cutie! I am so impressed with his memorization skills — that’s a LOT of lyrics and actions. It was so great! Oh, I just love it 🙂 Good job, Clark! I think you have a very good singing voice too, right on key!

    You said he feels stuff “all the way”– this is how BOTH of my sons are too! It can be quite exhausting sometimes, but there’s never a dull moment around here. I can totally relate to the jumping spazzy hyper happy and the weeping and wailing sadness…. oh boy!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS, Stephanie. That was so completely adorable and hilarious and so very sweet. I loved every single second of it… the facial expression just before coast guard where you could tell he was searching his brain for the next part. The “I’m so happy” at the end… Oh, I want to hug him. Loved every second of it!

  4. First of all, you were right to fear the risk of instant fame, Clark’s tribute is so awesome! The actions just put it over the edge from cute to downright amazing. He’s a little superstar. 🙂
    And secondly, my Wild Boys all came running over to the computer when they heard Clark singing…let him know he’s got some Wild Fans!

  5. Thanks for the first tears and out-loud laughing for the day. Love, love, love your boy. The actions were perfect and I will always think of “halls of Mount Azuma” when I hear this song. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow. I don’t know the words to ANY of those – go Clark! I am constantly amazed at how well kids can remember things. Don’t ever feel apologetic about sharing your adorable children with us. He’s a delight.

  7. I think you better get yourself dolled up. This video is going to be famous and whether you like it or not your probably going to be sitting on a couch in NY on live television soon. 🙂 That was darling! What a cutie. Thanks for making me smile today.

  8. I love Clark. That was excellent. I loved his modest little bow between each song. And he had an exquisite Ninja Marines thing going on there.

  9. Absolutely A-MA-ZING!! I loved it and think it is a total classic and I don’t even know Clark! Stephanie tell him I said: ” Awesome job Clark! The hand motions are what make is extra special. My son came in from the next room to see what I was watching it was so good!” I am going to set my DVR to record Good Morning America because there is no doubt it will go viral. Do you mind going over to Fox News too? I prefer Fox and Friends in the morning. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that awesome tribute, it made my day.

  10. He is so adorable! He looks like a little soldier in that white t and short haircut too. 🙂 This is good enough to become viral. Your a brave mama to post such an adorable video tribute to our AMAZING soldiers.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Neither of us had ever heard the Coast Guard song before (husband and self, I mean) so that may mean Clark is pre-qualified to join up. And also? I love it that he saved all the kung fu moves for the marines. Awesome.

  12. I have to admit. I usually don’t watch videos when people post them. But then you said this was awkward, so I had to watch it. I love awkward! And I am so glad I did. What a funny little guy you have. Wow. Even my husband thought it was great. Were he mine, I would be so proud. You should to. Very endearing and impressive.

  13. I thought it was so cute to hear his little voice sing the Air Force song, because I have only ever heard tons of men sing it all at once. His actions were pretty cute too. Thanks for this. I ❤ it when people support our military, since I am so emotionally attached to it.

  14. Aww. He was GREAT! The actions made the whole thing! I actually remember learning that same medley in Elementary School, thanks to Clark.

    And about feeling things all the way? My Chloe is like that, and it can be so exhausting, but at least you always know how she’s feeling, I guess. 🙂 No mysteries.

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