GCBC Week 17: An Example of the Believers

Well. The next talk on our schedule is one by Sister Mary Cook of the General Young Women’s presidency.

Be an Example of the Believers
Sister Mary N. Cook
First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency

I thought it would be fun to add one more into the mix this week, too, just to get another perspective on this same topic.  Elder Nelson gave the following talk during the general Priesthood session:

Be Thou an Example of the Believers
Elder Russell M. Nelson
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

What are your favorite moments or quotes from these talks?  Is there anything you learned here that you had not considered before?  What stood out to you as you studied it?  And, most importantly, what did they make you feel or want to do?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “GCBC Week 17: An Example of the Believers

  1. Both of these talks were great reminders to make sure our words and our actions are consistent. Certainly I know that my kids are watching me all the time — I hope I wouldn’t be embarassed to have them do as I did!

  2. The phrase that caught my eye (and I’ll be paraphrasing because I’m too lazy to click on over and find the exact wordage, or go upstairs to get out the Ensign) was resolve every day to be a good example for your children.

    It’s an every day thing, like doing the laundry. Things quickly get out of hand if I’m not keeping up with the laundry–so too will my children if I don’t resolve EVERY DAY to work on being a better disciple of Christ.

    I just finished reading Section 93 several times in preparation for seminary on Wed, and even the leadership of the church was called to task about teaching their children the gospel. They were reminded to put their households in order otherwise their children were at risk.

    We need to be ever vigilant over our own behavior to make sure our children see the truth of the gospel through us.

  3. I actually taught a lesson from Elder Nelson’s talk this past Sunday.
    I was struck about how we need to make our responses specific to each person.
    Soemtimes I feel like I should have pat answers, but in reality each person has a different reason to love our gospel… we just need to find that reason. 🙂

    • I love your commit “each person has a different reason to love our gospel… we just need to find that reason.” What a great thought! I’m going to have to thing about that with each person I feel impress to prepare or share the gospel with. I wonder if this also works with – each person has a different reason to live “this principle or that principle”. Maybe when we see our kids not obeying a certain principle we might benefit from trying to find the reason that would motive that child to want to obey.

  4. This fall I decided to give up watching The Office and 30 Rock. Even though I think they’re the best-written comedies around and I LOVE good comedy, I just couldn’t feel good anymore about watching things that have so much that’s unclean in them that I wouldn’t want my tween and teen watching them. I do miss the shows, but I’ve had found other ways to have humor in my life.

    Sister Cook’s talk really strengthened me in my decision. It was nice to listen to that talk and feel like I was going the right way with keeping my life pure the way I’d like my kids’ lives to be.

  5. I love that Sister Cook, said “we can start today” I saw a billboard today while running errands that said “You don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.” I loved that, what a great reminder that perfection is not required, we just need to be the best example that we can for our children, and teach them correct principles.

  6. My husband is the ward mission leader in our ward. The other night as he was leaving for a meeting to plan out our wards mission plan I told him not to ask that we have block parties or insist that we have people over for dinner and other things like that (I am not a social person). After reading these talks I realized that I can not be an example if I am not putting my self out there for people to see. We have not been asked to convert every person we come in contact with, but to let the light of Christ shine in us so that when there hearts are softened to receive the Gospel when ever that may be, they will have had many wonderful experiences and examples already with True Believers

  7. I liked that you put these talks together. Even with the same title, they applied to two different areas of our lives that can be positively impacted by our commitment to live the gospel daily. I loved the stories both speakers used to illustrate their points.

    I also liked that Sister Cook said we can start today. I feel like I do good for a while and then slack off and THEN slack off starting again. It always comes back to the small and simple things of reading scriptures and saying prayers. And they really do make a difference in our homes. It’s like in the Book of Mormon when King Benjamin teaches that we are always indebted to God. Even when we obey his commandments by doing these small and simple things, we are immediately blessed.

  8. Sister Cook’s talk really hit a nerve with me as far as being an example to my children. Also, I liked that she quoted President Monson, “even an exemplary family…can use all the supportive help they can get…”

    In Elder Nelson’s talk, the part that stuck out to me, was being a member missionary. I liked his challenge to “each sunday extend a hand of fellowship to at least one person you did not know before. Each day of your life, strive to enlarge your own circle of friendship.” It is so easy to get caught up in our own lives and struggles that we forget about others around us.

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