GCBC Week 15: Cleansing the Inner Vessel

Thank you to those of you who have been diligent with GCBC even when I have not been. The past few weeks have brought on several unexpected circumstances that have demanded large quantities of my time, so thank you for being patient with my very intermittent and lame posting.  🙂

This week’s talk is President Packer’s talk about the power of repentance and of the priesthood to heal especially some of the more common ills and temptations of today’s society.

“Nowhere are the generosity and the kindness and mercy of God more manifest than in repentance.”

“Cleansing the Inner Vessel”

President Boyd K. Packer
President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

I previously wrote a little rant where I shared some of my feelings following much of the “controversy” that was arisen from this talk.  I want to make clear that this forum has never, will never and is not now a place to criticize or question the Lord’s anointed.  While questions may obviously arise, I feel that they should always be taken to the Lord, made an object of prayer and study, and not expressed as criticism.

Having said that, I invite you to look at this talk as directed at your very own life and how it can apply to you personally.  What are the stand-out messages, warnings, counsel, and encouragement that you get out of it?

If this is your first time to General Conference Book Club, welcome.  Here is a link that explains how you can join us.


4 thoughts on “GCBC Week 15: Cleansing the Inner Vessel

  1. I feel bad that this talk garnered so much controversy, because there is so much beautiful doctrine in it. E. Packer teaches how powerful our free agency is–more powerful than Satan’s power to tempt. I think his discussion on forgiveness is also wonderful. When I heard this talk in GC, I thought of a friend whose husband is struggling with pornography. I thought E. Packer offered so much hope to those with similar struggles. There is help through priesthood leaders, the Atonement, and even angels to eventually overcome and have forgiveness.

    • I was surprised by all the controversy as well. I remembering rereading it after hearing all the news reports and still not really understanding why anything he said was different from what we’ve always been taught.

      I enjoyed this talk a lot because of its personal applications in my life. I have witnessed the struggle against pornography and how hopeless people with that temptation feel. I think he offered some wonderful doctrine and hope for those who fight against this sin.

      I also was touched by the beautiful description of bringing souls into the world. We just had a baby last Saturday and it was wonderful to read this talk after having just experienced that.

  2. My favorite quote was at the very end,
    “I promise that ahead of you is peace and happiness for you and your family. The ultimate end of all activity in the Church is that a man and his wife and their children can be happy at home.”
    That is a very strong and powerful promise to us if we are obedient and repent of our sins.

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