GCBC Week 14: Trust in God

Sorry for the delay. My brother is in the hospital and I’ve spent the last couple days with him.

The talk for this week is “Trust in God, Then Go and Do” by President Henry B. Eyring. You can find it at conference.lds.org. I’ll try to update this post with links and video in the next couple days. Thanks!



6 thoughts on “GCBC Week 14: Trust in God

  1. I’m sorry to hear your brother is in the hospital. You and your family will be in my prayers.

    Elder Eyring talked of having faith in Heavenly father and trusting him. One of my favorite quotes: “You show your trust in Him when you listen with the intent to learn and repent and then you go and do whatever He asks. If you trust God enough to listen for His message in every sermon, song, and prayer in this conference, you will find it. And if you then go and do what He would have you do, your power to trust Him will grow, and in time you will be overwhelmed with gratitude to find that He has come to trust you.”

  2. I really enjoyed reading this talk. I really liked how he started out the talk, it really made me feel important. I also like how he focused on TRUST, not just faith. I feel like that for the most part, although there is always room for improvement, that I have faith. But when put in terms for trust, I know that I certainly don’t put enough trust in him. I try to often to do things myself first. So this opened my eyes and showed me something that I can definitely work on in my life.

    • I agree that I need to work on trusting the Lord more. The scripture from Proverbs always comes to mind, but I wonder how integrated those words are in my faith. I also need to have more trust in order to increase my faith.

  3. I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after a great Christmas vacation. The talk was great I enjoyed the message.I hope to be back into the full swing of things next week!

    Sorry to hear about your brother, hope all is well.

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