Day in the ER = GCBC delay

I know that Thursday was technically Thanksgiving, but ours was most felt today. Clark sledded into the back of our house and got a concussion and a skull fracture. But for the grace of God, no brain trauma. Poor kid is miserable, but I’m so grateful that what-could-have-been wasn’t.

I’ll try to get General Conference Book Club up tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Day in the ER = GCBC delay

  1. I’m so glad he’s okay. Three years ago, my bishop and his family were on vacation in Provo sledding, when their almost five-year-old collided with a tree and died. I’ve been helping his wife edit her book about the experience over the last several weeks, and it’s a reminder of how things can change in an instant. I’m so, so glad that Heavenly Father’s plan was different for Clark today.

  2. Oh my gosh, Stephanie! I’m very glad that he’s all right, but still, it sounds very scary. I will keep you guys in my prayers, and patiently wait for this week’s conference talk.

  3. I second Chocolate on my Cranium’s statement – prayers for Clark, and also for peace for your Mother’s heart. *this* mother’s heart is frantic at the mere idea – I can imagine yours could use some TLC right about now.

    He must have a heckuva guardian angel!

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