Music and dinner and contests. Oh my!

This is one of those random I’ve-got-several-things-on-my-mind-but-not-enough-time-to-do-them-real-justice posts.  Please forgive the mess as I simply spit it all out on my computer screen.

1.  Did you know that you can download mp3 files of all the songs from General Conference?  Well you can. I love loading up my iPod with this stuff and playing it in the kitchen on Sundays.

2.  I stumbled across this video today on another blog.  I LOVE this hymn.  It is a prayer, a plea for God to bind us to Him and keep us safe and bring us to Him.  It is SO beautiful.  I’ve seen this arrangment a few times on BYUTV and it moves me everytime.  Seriously, give it a listen and let the spirit of it just pour in, because it will.

3.  Later this week, I’ll be going to Women’s Conference at BYU.  Some of us bloggy-type-friends are going to try to get together for dinner on Thursday night in Orem.  If you’d like to join us, email me (dd.stephanie [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll send you the details.  I sent an email to the people that have expressed some interest already.  If you didn’t get one and wanted to, it was an ACCIDENT.  Tell me and I’ll send you one right away.

4.  Um, Spring started and I forgot to do a Spring poetry contest.  I don’t have to, of course, but I like to do one every season because they’re fun.  And I find out how creative and talented you are.  So here it is (oooh, look at the fancy prize):

Spring Poetry Contest

Write a limerick about laundry.

See how easy that is?  Just leave yours in the comments here.  You can write as many as you’d like.  Click here if you don’t remember how limericks work. Next week, I’ll put my favorites up for a vote, and someone (squeal, it could be you!) will get a coveted spot of honor on my sidebar and that bee-yutiful sparkly crown blog button.  Here, I’ll write one just to give an example.

I’m warning you, don’t go in there.
The piles will sure give you a scare.
The dungeon of doom?
Nope, it’s my laundry room.
I’m a hostage of kids’ underwear.

Um, yeah, you can definitely top that.  Have a great week!


13 thoughts on “Music and dinner and contests. Oh my!

  1. Perhaps I should spend some time thinking and come up with something a little less risque, but here is my first quick attempt:

    I’ve often had a laundry thought
    That appreciate my children may not.
    Can I throw out the dresses,
    And make them grow tresses
    To cover up all the right spots?

    Of course, then those showers may last even longer than they do now, which would likely not be good for our well pump or our water heater. But think how much better laundry day would be. Anyway…

    Have a good time at Women’s Conference! Wish I were going. Maybe next year.

  2. The air is fresh and clean.
    Of lawn mowing I started to dream.
    But this thing that’s inside
    Makes me want to go hide.
    It’s a baby the size of a bean.

    I’m pregnant and oh so nauseous. Can I submit multiple poems?

  3. 1. Really? That’s so cool. I knew you could get the mp3’s of talks, but not songs.

    2. Hey! I’m singing up there in that video of yours. 🙂 Only you can’t see me so well–no close ups of me–but I was definitely there singing in my oh so fashionable blue dress.

    3. I wish I were going to Women’s Conference this year. Alas, I am not. HAVE FUN!

    4. Here is my entry:

    There once was a girl in a quandary,
    For she had at least ten loads of laundry
    To do in a day
    But there just was no way
    To finish without magic wand-ery

  4. I love your blog, and I love limericks, so I thought I’d have a go.

    It’s a blessing to do everyday,
    To serve my family this way.
    I have to repeat it
    Until I believe it,
    For laundry will not go away.

  5. Oh how I hate laundry, especially taking it to the laundromat. Here is my attempt at a limerick…

    The piles are climbing the walls
    The shirts, the pants and the overalls.
    Oh, when will it end
    I think I need a friend-
    Oh, help me it’s spilled to the halls.

  6. So today I was going to catch up on laundry and my dryer decided to break!

    So I have another limerick for you….

    The first load of the day is still soakin’
    And I find that the dryer is broken
    But with a rainy sky
    I can’t hang them to dry
    It’s to the laundromat to use tokens.

  7. I the luckiest girl in creation,
    there are no bounds to my giddy elation!
    My husband once volunteered,
    now it’s been seven years:
    I’m on permanent laundry vacation!

  8. Making fun of men is quite mean,
    But their laundry sense isn’t too keen.
    What’s dirty they’ll tell
    Using only their smell:
    If you can stand to whiff twice, it’s still clean.

  9. Clothes are found all over the floor.
    Some are even stuffed behind the door.
    The kids can’t seem to tamper
    With the empty clothes hamper,
    Making gathering laundry a chore!

  10. Laundry, my most loath-ed chore,
    You’re a pain and quite frankly, a bore.
    But in sweet-smelling spring
    When from the clothesline you swing,
    I’m almost enticed to do more!

  11. Here’s another-

    There once was a girl in the midwest,
    Sick of washing each shirt, sock, and vest.
    She took her family one day
    And just ran away-
    Nudist colonies, she says, are the best!

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