Turning the game up a notch

Often my children play “rock, paper, scissors” to resolve disputes among themselves.  It’s an arbitrary mediator that I resort to whenever I have to “choose” someone for a certain task or privilege, etc. because they can’t moan about it not being fair (as much).

A little while back, I overheard Grant and Clark “problem solving” in the hallway:

“Ready?  . . . Rock . . . paper . . . God!”

Apparently they changed the stakes a little.  Hmm, I wonder who won.


13 thoughts on “Turning the game up a notch

  1. We have rock, paper, scissors, dynamite. Dynamite explodes everything and somehow my kids all keep choosing that one until I remove it as an option. After the first time I made them stop playing with the dynamite option you’d think they’d have dropped it. Nope. Every time we play.

    I may just use the God option myself next time!

    • Oh great, now I’m wondering the same thing. That question has now replaced “what am I going to clean today”‘s slot in my brain (I have limited parking up there).

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