Ode to winter (time for a poetry contest), and a teensy bit of whining

I will now relate to you just a few of the events in our family in the last 48 hours.  Pretend you care.




Waking at night

Lab visit

Strep Test



Another Strep test

Carbon Monoxide alarm going off

Evacuate house for hour

No notable danger

More fever

Bubble Gum Motrin

Bubble Gum Yum Tylenol

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Doctor visit

Blood test

Chest x-rays

Stomach x-rays

H1N1 test

Urology referral

Another antibiotic

Make cake

Grant’s birthday

Antibiotic battles

More sore throat

Two peed beds

Doctor visit

Strep test

ANOTHER antibiotic

The end.

Kill me now.

So, out of necessity and the spirit of survival, I will now change the subject.  I think it’s time for the Diapers and Divinity Winter poetry contest.  The winner gets a spotlight on my blog sidebar for the rest of winter AND this lovely crown:

Let’s do an ode this time, shall we?  An ode is “A kind of poem devoted to the praise of a person, animal, or thing. An ode is usually written in an elevated style and often expresses deep feeling. An example is “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” by John Keats.”  (Thanks, dictionary.com.)  We’ll be much less formal here, and modify the ode rules.  Pick something or someone to praise (Anything related to winter) and write a poem about or to it/him/her.  Can rhyme, doesn’t have to.  Can be serious or sarcastic.

I’ll cough up two here as examples:

Ode to my fireplace

In the midst of painful winter, wise birds have flown away.

Yet, we foolishly remain.

Thou art my only consolation.

Thy gentle warm breezes and intoxicating flames dance about,

and I rest by your side.  Waiting, Waiting.

Come Spring I’ll bid thee farewell.

Or given my current list of whining:

Ode to Antibiotics (Did I say I was going to change the subject?)

(in the form of a limerick.)

Winter affects us a lot.
There’s pressure, and coughing, and snot.
Write the doctor some checks.
Go pick up the Rx.
Enjoy 10 healthy days that you’ve bought.

My favorite part of antibiotics is “Take with food.”  I’m pretty sure they mean this:

Can’t wait until my next dose.

We’ll let the contest run for several days.  Leave your poem(s) — as many as you want to write– in the comments on this post by midnight the night of Tues., Jan. 19th.  I’ll pick my favorites and then we’ll vote together on a winner.

I think I need a nap.


15 thoughts on “Ode to winter (time for a poetry contest), and a teensy bit of whining

  1. Oh my. You do need a nap. And lots of chocolate. And a massage, a weekend a way, and a personal chef/maid/run to the pharmacy person. I thought my weekend of vomit was bad! Hope the antibiotics do their job and that everyone at your house tops being sick.

  2. Wow, that was some night! take a box of chocolates, go to sleep and call me in the morning. I am pretty sure chocolate will cure you. It is a veggie because it is made from a bean, right? That’s good for you. I hope all turns out well!

  3. Are all those test and antibiotics for you or for your kids? Either way that just stinks. I hope you and your family are feeling better soon!

  4. Yay! I’ve been gone so long, and what a lovely surprise to come back to! Not your sickness, oh my goodness — I’m so sorry about all of that, but there’s nothing like a good poem contest to cheer one up. A little.

    So here goes.


    “Ode to Happiness”

    When life hands you problems that get worse by the hour
    And stopping your sniffles seems beyond your power
    Just remember there’s always a cure to be found
    Indulging in CHOCOLATE, pound after pound!

    Each lovely piece just whispers of decadence
    Your nose expands to that of an elephant’s
    Sniffing each delicacy, immersed in aromas
    For this, they really should hand out diplomas!

    The taste is so thrilling! Magnificent! AWESOME!
    You slowly get lost in your own microcosm —
    So enjoy the sweat treats, and forget all your sorrow
    Don’t think of your diet — there’s always tomorrow!

  5. Well, it doesn’t really have anything to do with winter, but several years ago I had my gallbladder taken out and I actually wrote an ode. Enjoy.

    Ode to a Gallbladder

    You’ve served me well, my gallbladder friend
    For twenty-three good years
    But these last few months you’ve caused me pain
    And at least a couple tears

    So the doctor said you had to go
    And with a few well chosen snips
    You left me for good and good riddance too
    At least for my thighs and hips

    For it’s a low-fat diet I’m to keep
    And I guess it’s not so bad
    No more gallstone problems for me
    All in all, I’d say I’m glad!

    Sadly, I found out later that I could still eat anything I felt like. So no real hip shrinkage occurred. Bummer.

  6. Ode to chocolate

    A mug of Godiva cocoa,
    chocolate chip waffles
    breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

    Until my after-lunch snack of
    See’s dark chocolate almond cups
    maybe two, maybe more,
    I never count, on purpose.

    Dinner is whatever,
    mashed potatoes, steak, it really doesn’t matter
    because dessert calls my name,
    no lemon bar
    no peach pie
    it’s chocolate brownies, ice cream, fudge.

    Then I call my sisters,
    my mom,
    my gram.
    And find, it’s no surprise,
    our menus are all the same.
    –Terresa Wellborn

  7. I love these contests you have. They are so fun.

    Ode to The Snow Day

    Snow Day.
    Beloved of my childhood.
    How I did yearn for thee then!
    Praying for thy presence
    With lazy days and snow to play.

    Age have unmasked thee,
    O’ cruel day thought art!
    Disruptor of Routine!
    Deliverer of Cabin Fever!
    Creator of Summer Makeup Days.

    How I should dread thee,
    And yet thy place of magic
    Still holds sway,
    And my heart flutters
    At the thought of thee.

  8. My inspiration does not usually hit until the last day, er night. : )

    Ode To Wintertime Consumption

    Oh Winter time, Oh winter time
    Thy frost is surely cold
    It forces me to stay inside
    And drink lots of Hot Cocoa.

    I look out and see the frost
    And forget my daily run
    I cannot risk my blessed health
    I stay inside and chew some gum.

    The cold is not all that bothers me
    I must consider the air quality
    See, If I run outside I may get sick
    Thus, I stay and eat some cookies.

  9. I know the deadline is past, and this is a very old one I wrote in highschool, but I thought I’d add it just for fun. My Ode to Charlie Chaplin.

    Ode To A Funny Man

    Oh shuffling walk to make us giggle
    Little black moustache our smiles to tickle
    Oh baggy pants about to fall off
    Tight little jacket recieves humorous scoff
    Oh derby hat, you old black bowl
    Funny big shoes, with laughter we howl
    Oh loveable smile so very contagious
    Your arrogant manner so very outragious
    Oh loving intent to make us sigh
    You never give up and we wonder why
    Oh serious point you try to make
    Through the laughter and tears, all for our sake
    Oh wonderful Chaplin to you our hearts
    Of all our lives you have taken great part

  10. Hi here’s my attempt 🙂

    The coldest it’s been for the last hundred years!
    So the weather man said with his bright purple ears
    The low pressure front moving here from the west
    Has brought snow to the east where the sledging is best
    Circling round from the north to north east
    Would be bad icy roads that would need to be policed.

    From the north a cold snap
    Would move quickly to sout..
    (he mumbled the last part with his half frozen mouth)

    The weather man warned
    (whilst defrosting his fingers)
    To stock cupboards full
    In case the snow lingers

    He continued to say if you’re out in the snow
    Or stuck in the car with your family in tow
    Then it’s good ‘he went on’ to have emergency kit
    With pouches and pockets where different things fit
    Should u find yourself frozen then mint cake and soup
    Eaten real slowly would help you recoup

    If frostbite sets in, your digits go black
    Fingers fall off, you can’t get them back
    Next to fall off are your ears and your toes
    Take off your shoes, oops! There’s goes your toes!!

    So there’s all the warnings
    All the advice
    Hope you take heed
    And live a long life!

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