What advertisements really tick you off?

Partially because I’m feeling a little bit stupid that I actually named a post “This is a really good post,” I’m turning the crux of this post over to you, my readers who have proved yourselves wise many times over.

Some of you know that I am working on a project that I feel really strongly about called the “Protecting Innocence Project.”  (This might help if you feel out of the loop.)  You probably thought it was on hold or that I totally dropped the ball, but it’s actually still in full-force behind the scenes.  There’s been a huge effort in gathering research and exchanging information among a fabulous team of volunteers, and my brother-in-law has been an invaluable help in the design and functionality of the site.  It’s a bigger undertaking then I orginally expected, but I think it will be FANtastic when all is said and done.

A couple people (thanks Laurie and Tenille!) have helped me compile a list of some frequent offenders in the makes-ads-that-are-inappropriate-for-children category, usually because their advertisements are obscene, suggestive, profane, disrespectful, or downright pornographic.  We have also gathered contact information for these companies so that we can speak out and complain when we don’t like the kind of media they parade before our children’s eyes.

Can you think of anyone else we should add to this list?  What are some companies that need to be made aware that their advertisements are inappropriate?  Please consider television, radio, print media (including magazines, billboards,  and store window displays), on-line ads, or any other medium you can think of.

If you have any companies to add, please share them in the comments, and if you’re feeling super ambitious and can track down contact information (including address, phone number, and/or email) where complaints could be submitted, it would be great if you could include that as well.

BKNick1Abercrombie and Fitch
American Apparel
American Eagle
Axe Body Spray
Boost Mobile
Burger King
Calvin Klein
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Dr. Scholl’s
Gossip girl
Hardee’s/ Carl’s Jr
Herbal Essence
Jimmy Choos
Joe Boxer
Lifestyle’s Skyn Condoms
Marc Jacobs Clothing Designer
Schick Razors
Seventeen Magazine
The Gap
The Limited
Tommy Hilfiger
Venus Clothing
Venus Razor (Gillette)
Victoria’s Secret
Virgin Records

Thanks so much.  And start gathering up all your courage to speak out more often when you come across inappropriate media, because Protecting Innocence Project will make it a lot easier for you to do.   Watch out smut lords, here comes an army of mama bears!


15 thoughts on “What advertisements really tick you off?

  1. I know Dove is all about real beauty, but when my barely 3 year old son saw the back cover of Reader’s Digest, he announced “that other momma NAKED!” Glad to see Dove on your list:)

  2. It’s the Burger King ones that make me puke. You’re probably going to really like my next month’s TOUV article, it’s a similar subject.

    And can I just thank you for being someone who also wants to periodically move away? This has been a tough place for me, I seem to get myself in trouble in every aspect of my life. I don’t fit into Utah.

  3. Oh dear me… the burger king ads have gotten all up in a snit… SO grossly inappropriate. I can’t think of anymore, but I’ll keep my ears and eyes open. Keep up the good work!

  4. Is it silly to be offended by the Charmin commercials where the animated bears are a bit too explicit in sharing just how the TP product being advertised helps them in their bathroom behaviors?? I find them disgusting and won’t buy Charmin because of these ads.
    I hope this helps and is an addition to your list. There’s another TP with the puppies (Cottonelle??) that has some similar innuendos. Since when do we need to be so explicit while selling toilet paper?? I think we all know what it’s use is and how that works.

  5. There’s an IKEA one they did in Europe (not here, thankfully) that I get linked to online on occasion. Little boy playing with toys, comes across his parents “toys.” SO not appropriate. What were his parents thinking in letting him on THAT commercial?

  6. I got an email from my cousin today to join OneMillionMoms.com
    I guess they are fighting programing more than commercials, but still this could be a good joint effort.

  7. I recently emailed (and received an email back…”Thanks, we’ll consider your request…but not really…”) Bath and Body Works, because their new ads in one of our local malls have a nude woman in them. I used to love them so much, but now they belong on this list.

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